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Diesel - The Man The Engine The Potential

Learn the history of Rudolf Diesel and his amazing engine, How diesels and gas engines differ, and the great
potential this engine has. Take the knowledge gained in the first part of the DVD about diesel engines and go under the hood of many of today's modern diesels with Charles Anderson as he analyzes them from a vegetable oil conversion standpoint. Charles also shoes some valuable tips on finding a diesel to purchase once you've decided you want to burn veggie. Aprox. 2 hours of information.

ACT NOW! and save $5.00 if you purchase this new DVD with our presale offer. We have a new update on the status of the production of these DVD's. The shipping date has been pushed back 2 weeks. The new date should be the 14th of March. We will continue to offer our presale of this DVD until then. We apologize for any inconvenience to those who already purchased this DVD.

Purchase this DVD and Liquid Gold together by clicking the link at the bottom of the page and you also save. Once this DVD starts shipping we'll be selling it at it's regular price of $25.00. Our purchase price for the 2 DVD set will remain at $40.00.

If you purchase the set, or the DVD by itself, they will ship as soon as
"Diesel - The Man • The Engine • The Potential" becomes available in Mid March.

If you were one of the thousands who previously purchased our "Liquid Gold" DVD before (02/14/2006) and are interested in the new "Diesel - The Man • The Engine • The Potential" DVD, give us a call at
1-866-GREASEL to order the DVD for $20.00 + Free shipping and a custom Greasel Bumper Sticker as a thank you for your support!

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These questions and more are
answered on this DVD

• The History of the Diesel Engine.
•The basic Mechanics of modern day Engines.
• The difference between a Gas and a Diesel Engine.
• The Pro’s and Cons of some of today's most popular
Diesel Engines/Vehicles from a veggie conversion standpoint
• Tips on where to buy a diesel once you’ve
decided what vehicle you’re going to convert to burn veggie.

Presale Offer: $20.00 + $3.50 Shipping

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Liquid Gold DVD available and shipping now!

Learn the Do’s and Don’t's of Gathering and using Waste Vegetable oil as a fuel. Perfect for anyone who is currently using, or planning on using Vegetable oil or Bio Diesel as a fuel! Aprox. 1hr 20min of information.

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These questions and more are
answered on this DVD

• What makes good waste vegetable oil?
• How do I identify bad waste vegetable oil?
• When out gathering what do I look for?
• How does salt and sugar affect waste vegetable oil?
• How do I tell if there’s water in the oil?
• How do I filter the oil once it’s gathered?
• How do I filter in colder temperatures?

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"the liquid gold dvd was a well put together informative video that answered all my questions about collecting waste vegetable,obtaining from restaurants and filtering it for use in my 1985 300d mercedes."

Clarence Cherry

"I just watched the DVD this weekend. Thank you for making it. It was highly informative and will be helpful for me as I enter the world of grease. It is obvious in the film that you love what you are doing."

Dan Rosenberg  

"the "Liquid Gold" DVD is AWESOME! Watched it Friday evening, everything you show to do is almost exactly what we are doing. We like to think of ourselves as "Hunter / Gatherers" in the frontier days sense. You put out a lot of good info in an interesting manner. Seeing the similarity to our collection operation, right down to the style of pump, gave us a certain amount of vindication that we are on the right track."

George Kaiser

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$40.00 + $4.50 Shipping