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Have you ever wanted to express how you feel about SVO? The solution is finally here. We have T-Shirts, Hats, Mugs, Stickers & More for you to choose from to help you get your message across. check out our storefront to view them on the different products that we offer. We are adding new designs every day so make sure to check our store again soon.

Interested in showing off the fact that you're burning veggie in your car? With one of our www.greasel.com T-shirts you can impress just about anyone.
Ever been oil gathering and found the restaurant owner didn't speak english? Never fear, this T-shirt is designed to help you resolve this issue by asking for the oil in many different languages!

Show your unwavering support and love for veggie!

Mischievous and all about Straight Veggie, Veggie Guy is playfully showing how he feels about petroleum.

Veggie guy will help you spread the word about SVO. This funny and thought provoking design will have anyone who reads it stopping and asking you what SVO is all about.

When we first started gathering waste vegetable oil, we would lovingly refer to pristine clear waste oil as "LIQUID GOLD". Anyone who purchased a Liquid Gold DVD from us will appreciate this design.
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